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The P.U.R.E.Report Newsletter was founded by Eric Cathey, A Texas Deathrow prisoner. The Aim is to bring you information on the conditions of imprisonment, Legal education of the Death Penalty, Social Issues within the world and a complete insight within the minds of those held captive on Texas Infamous Deathrow. This Blog site run alongs side the website www.pure-report.moonfruit.com

Monday, 26 March 2012

Editors intro for Issue 6 newsletter Pure Report

With the recent events surrounding the State sanctioned assassination of Troy Davis, the killing of Frank Garcia, the illegal murder of the intellectual deficient Guadalupe Esparza and many other relevant situations concerning the Death Penalty, it is indeed essential that we remain strong on our efforts to eradicate this barbaric practice. Now by no means am I implying that those in the struggle are not endeavoring earnestly enough in this fight. But I do know how a troubled economy, politically dissatisfaction and certain obstacles in this struggle can rob us of our motivation. And it can deter others from following their desire to get involved. Therefore the primary focus in this issue is on the Death Penalty. Our hope is that the material we have presented will not only provoke serious contemplation from those who are uncertain about capital punishment, but may it also generate more creative actions to abolish this murderous machinery of death.

Remember the Death Penalty must continuously be fought on every level and some times that level may consist of our view on certain cases. For indeed it is much easier to give a greater assistance to those individuals whose case has a rather strong showing of innocence, compared to those cases where it is evident that guilt is not only certain, but the actions were horrendous. So I encourage you all to join me in embracing a more powerful show of forgiveness, because the illustration of such actions, is capable of inspiring others to strive positively toward the betterment of their lives. And it is also quite necessary that more assistance be directed towards the encouragement of those within the Death Row community, to facilitate them to engage in avenues of positive progression, because the mind will deteriorate from being held in a captivity of isolation, and thus will create a profound limitation on the fight against the Death Penalty from behind the prison walls. Therefore it is imperative to remain vigilant that no level of the fight goes neglected, so strive with honor to push forth genuine justice, and we will overcome the injustice that stands before us.

Pure Love
Kamau P Emerson


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