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The P.U.R.E.Report Newsletter was founded by Eric Cathey, A Texas Deathrow prisoner. The Aim is to bring you information on the conditions of imprisonment, Legal education of the Death Penalty, Social Issues within the world and a complete insight within the minds of those held captive on Texas Infamous Deathrow. This Blog site run alongs side the website www.pure-report.moonfruit.com

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Editors Note from 3rd Issue of the Pure Report March 29th 2011

Dear Readers
Well here we are with the third issue of the P.U.R.E. Report, and I would like to begin this intro with greetings and peace, love and solidarity to all our supporters, the soldiers fighting in the war against class oppression, and to the oppressed people of every nation I say to you....... Rise as one in unification, remain valiant in the face of tyranny, and be persistent in your goal, to achieve a profound midification for the betterment of your lives. Now since the preparation of this third issue began a lot has transpired, not only within the death row community of Texas but also in the world itself.... A variety of reports have been conducted on the various issues, which range from the people of Cairo strong show of action, then there is the Libyans righteous fight against Moammar Gadhafi, and there is also the people of Wisconsin's demonstration in opposition to their State Government's new “Neo-Union Busters” political tactics. And within the Death Row community, the battle rages on to abolish the death penalty and achieve prison reform. Within everyone of these incidents there circulate a common theme which is: The dissatisfaction from a class of people who have suffered long enough with injustice...and history has illustrated that when the people have reached a level of 100% dissatisfaction, then it will initiate a profound display of solidarity to achieve a 100% change... so there is no doubt that power of the people must be respected. Now within the following pages of the P.U.R.E Report we are beginning a series of interviews which we called: “ Innocence Revealed” It is our endeavor to bring awareness to the public concerning the injustice that have occurred in cases with legitimate claims of Innocence. So we hope you all will enjoy this third issue of the P.U.R.E. Report. I bid you all a good journey, so remain positive and despite the various struggle you may experience, remember, Life is a beautiful blessing so take time out to enjoy it.

Pure Love & Solidarity
Kamau P. Emerson

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