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The P.U.R.E.Report Newsletter was founded by Eric Cathey, A Texas Deathrow prisoner. The Aim is to bring you information on the conditions of imprisonment, Legal education of the Death Penalty, Social Issues within the world and a complete insight within the minds of those held captive on Texas Infamous Deathrow. This Blog site run alongs side the website www.pure-report.moonfruit.com

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Pure Report Issue 5


Allow me to Began this with my sincere apology for the delay in our production of this fifth issue of the P.U.R.E. Report. Unfortunately prison oppression on Texas Death Row has increased dramatically, and that caused an interference with maintaining our efforts to acquire material from prisoners in a timely manner. Thankfully we have managed to obtain enough material to present this predominantly spiritual issue of of our newsletter.
Why the spiritual theme?
Well, as I've stated above, there have been an increase in prison oppression on Texas Death row, and we at the P.U.R.E Report found it quite inspirational that despite the challenges these men face, some of them still manage to obtain spiritual tranquility. And mind you, the atrocious treatment a death row prisoner endure in Texas is very draconian.

This penal regiment style of solitary confinement (aka their super max facilities) creates a ferocious mental and emotional assault on a person incarcerated in that environment and when you combined that struggle with sensory deprivation, it truly gives a great testament to these mens constitution and perseverance to develop spiritual awareness. So I hope that their actions may encourage other to pursue a course of victory despite any dire situation you may encounter.
Now within this fifth issue we have included a very touching article written by Maria.M it's a rather compelling piece which illustrates a profound spiritual bond between two friends.Then there is the exceptionally intelligent Ms.Silke Wimme who presents us with an insight on the movement for liberation within the middle East. Now Ms.Wimme's article isn’t' one that is of a spiritual element. However we at the P.U.R.E. Report must maintain our goal of bringing our readers informative material.

So we hope you will enjoy this fifth issue of our newsletter. Take care, and peace and solidarity to you all.

P.U.R.E love
Kamau P. Emerson.

Chuong Tong
Preston Hughes III
Charles Chucky Mamou
Ramiro F Gonzales
Silke Wimme
Perry E Williams Jr.
Abel R Ochoa

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Dear Friends

(JULY 2011)

Dear Friends

I embrace you all with sincere greetings of Love, Peace and Solidarity as I began this particular writing. But to be honest I actually wasn't sure precisely what one would write about, especially considering the fact that so much has gone on with the world.
I was saddened by the terrible tragedy I Japan and by the 35 deaths that occurred in Norhtern Afghanistan because of a suicide bomber, of course I can't forget about the destruction of human life in Libya, as well as by the horrible earthquake that hit New Zealand. My friend Karen lives in Christchurch, so I was quite concerned about her and her family. And naturally they all are in my prayers and I wish the best of everyone in Christchurch, New Zealand.
At any rate, with all that i've mention, as well as the various other incidents that have transpired, there are loads of topics for one to write about.
But I refuse to single one out. I decided to merely alow my spirit to flow and see where It will lead me, so I think you all better hold on to your hats because who knows where this journey of writing may take us..
Now as I sit here in captivity, the silence of night has surrounded the section of my imprisonment and this has caused one to give a reflection on something that I found that also brought trouble to my heart, which is the economic plight that the poor and working class people are experiencing.. But I've discovered too how the economic situation have become a tool of oppression that is being used against Texas guards particular the ones on the polunsky Unit.
Now let it be understood with my being a Panther and the honorable beliefs that I hold, they will not allow me ot support nor condone the relentless oppression any system of Government put into practice, but at the same time, no matter where tyrannical sovereignty may appear, it is my duty to speak out against the lashing of such treatment on any human being.
And from my captivity I have observed how the iron fist of prison oppression is not only endeavoring to crush the spirit of the prisoner. But I see how it has defeated the spirits of the guards as well. This economic plight we are experiencing in Texas (and throughout America) has basically converted these agents of the state (correctional officers) into slaves of their employment. Not all of them mind you, but for those people who totally depend on the T.D.C.J income to provide for their family. They definatly are in a state of bondage. Because unfortunately, within these rural areas finding the type of employment one needs to take care of ones family appropriately is not easily found. And the wardens and supervisor understand this, and these taskmasters have incorporated an attribute of the “Willie Lynch” stradegy. Where In a person is threaten with a insubordinate infraction, probation, or being out right fired if orders are not adhered to. Many of these orders are not only a violation of T.D.C.J policy, but are in fact U.S constitutional violations as well. Now some of these state employees have made it known verbally that these orders are wrong, but like the slave masters of the old confederacy, when a verbal treat to power is discovered a swift and stern example of punishment is conducted. And the result of this, I believe is the defeated spirits I've witness.
Now there is no doubt that the state of Texas is in great need of Major prison reform, but that change MUST, occur on every level! So there can not be any red herring on reform concerning prison employment and the treatment of its's personnel.
Furthermore, It means that a more extensive form of social training is required. I believe if a correctional officer acquired and incorporated the skillful methods of a social worker in their duty, this will facilitate with navigating a prisoner toward genuine rehabilitation...
Now of course what I've writtenb doesnt elucidate on a solution to every aspect of prison oppression, but I do hope that what one has expressed, it will provoke some serious contemplation.

With Love, peace and Solidarity, I began this, so it Is with Love, peace, and solidarity I leave with you.

Stay positive, and no matter what endeavor always to enjoy the blessing of Live


Eric Cathey 999228
Polunsky Unit d/row
3872 FM 350 south
Texas 77351

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Editors Note from 3rd Issue of the Pure Report March 29th 2011

Dear Readers
Well here we are with the third issue of the P.U.R.E. Report, and I would like to begin this intro with greetings and peace, love and solidarity to all our supporters, the soldiers fighting in the war against class oppression, and to the oppressed people of every nation I say to you....... Rise as one in unification, remain valiant in the face of tyranny, and be persistent in your goal, to achieve a profound midification for the betterment of your lives. Now since the preparation of this third issue began a lot has transpired, not only within the death row community of Texas but also in the world itself.... A variety of reports have been conducted on the various issues, which range from the people of Cairo strong show of action, then there is the Libyans righteous fight against Moammar Gadhafi, and there is also the people of Wisconsin's demonstration in opposition to their State Government's new “Neo-Union Busters” political tactics. And within the Death Row community, the battle rages on to abolish the death penalty and achieve prison reform. Within everyone of these incidents there circulate a common theme which is: The dissatisfaction from a class of people who have suffered long enough with injustice...and history has illustrated that when the people have reached a level of 100% dissatisfaction, then it will initiate a profound display of solidarity to achieve a 100% change... so there is no doubt that power of the people must be respected. Now within the following pages of the P.U.R.E Report we are beginning a series of interviews which we called: “ Innocence Revealed” It is our endeavor to bring awareness to the public concerning the injustice that have occurred in cases with legitimate claims of Innocence. So we hope you all will enjoy this third issue of the P.U.R.E. Report. I bid you all a good journey, so remain positive and despite the various struggle you may experience, remember, Life is a beautiful blessing so take time out to enjoy it.

Pure Love & Solidarity
Kamau P. Emerson