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The P.U.R.E.Report Newsletter was founded by Eric Cathey, A Texas Deathrow prisoner. The Aim is to bring you information on the conditions of imprisonment, Legal education of the Death Penalty, Social Issues within the world and a complete insight within the minds of those held captive on Texas Infamous Deathrow. This Blog site run alongs side the website www.pure-report.moonfruit.com

Monday, 11 October 2010

APPRECIATION WEEK- by Eric Cathey. Texas Death Row

Greetings to you All

I like to begin with a contemplative question that I hope you will sincerely meditate on. And the Question is:

Regardless of your status or situation. Have you truly developed an honest appreciation for the gift of life that you've been given?

And lets be honest with ourselves, have we made a really earnest effort to appreciate it?

Now of course there are special moments and grand occasions when the appreciation of Life will profoundly enter into our hearts. But do we embrace such appreciation each day? Naturally our journey through life sometimes keeps us busy with a host of activities and duties of daily living that distract us from taking the time to value or cherish the things within our lives or the people around us
Here recently I was reminded once again how precious yet fragile life truly is. And how much each of us should always appreciate it......

Now what caused one to reflect on this was the sudden and unfortunate deaths of two prison guards, One who sadly perished in an auto accident while the other person died during in service training... And for me this was another reminder that none of us can be certain when the angel of death will arrive to take us away. However we can be certain that we make the best out of each day in which we live, and we can begin doing that by simply endeavouring to remain positive despite the challenges that present themselves.
Furthermore, we can also take the time to show our family, friends, and loved ones how much they are appreciated, because definitely they too are a part of your life. Besides, once they are gone, the opportunity to do so will be gone too...

So now the Question is: Will you do it?

Well I challenge each of you to make an honest effort for seven days to not only take more of an appreciation for your own life, but let those within your life know how much they are appreciated, and we'll call these seven days “APPRECIATION WEEK”. Now mind you, nothing extravagant has to be conducted. But let's put forth a creative effort and make the best out of the occasion.

Because by doing so, you just may come to realise that the beauty of life is worthy of being appreciated.

Until next time, take care and strive always to remain positive.

P.U.R.E. Love
Eric Cathey Texas Death Row

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