About P.U.R.E.Report

The P.U.R.E.Report Newsletter was founded by Eric Cathey, A Texas Deathrow prisoner. The Aim is to bring you information on the conditions of imprisonment, Legal education of the Death Penalty, Social Issues within the world and a complete insight within the minds of those held captive on Texas Infamous Deathrow. This Blog site run alongs side the website www.pure-report.moonfruit.com

Friday, 17 September 2010

Editors Introduction

Now I can very well Imagine that those who encounter this Newsletter will be curious to know one particular thing. Which is:
                           “What Precisely are the goals of this Publication?”
              The P.U.R.E. Report is a collaborative endeavor of articles (poetry and artwork) produced by Death Row prisoners. Now the  name P.U.R.E in particular is an acronym which stands for:
              Now the majority of our staff are not official members of P.U.R.E. (only I and Howard Guidry are). However they are men of integrity who desire to share the goodness of what they've learned with others.
              So the subjects within our newsletter will contain various themes.  Some which will consist of topics ranging from political to spiritual, philosophical as well as legal.   Then there are those which will address historical facts, health issues, and factual scientific achievements. All of which are brought together as a collective aim to be educational, inspirational and informative, so nothing negative will be printed.
              Because I adamantly believe that through truthful (and positive) reporting it enables the reader to formulate a proper prospective on the subject being elucidated. Which in turn, may very well encourage a  person to make a change toward the betterment of their life or within their community..
              Now this newsletter is published Bi-Monthly. And all proceeds goes back into the newsletter towards creative means to make sure that you (the reader), are given the best information that I and my staff have available.
             Here at the P.U.R.E report, we believe in invigorate means, In which our best efforts are given. We do this for the people.... and those people are you.  So we gladly welcome and appreciate each and everyone's support .
            So I hope that all who read this will gain something from what is discussed within this inauguration of our newsletter.
                                                           Take Care
                                                          P.U.R.E. Love
                                                      Kamau P. Emerson